IT Security Solutions

IT Security Solutions For Medium & Growing Companies

tca SynerTech specializes in providing IT security solutions for medium and growing organizations from South Bend to Grand Rapids, MI, and all points in between.  the tca SynerTech team takes the security of your critical business data seriously, and we do whatever it takes to ensure the integrity of your organization, client information, and the personal information of team members, customers, vendors, and more.

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IT Security Solution and Cybersecurity Services In Michigan

Managed Cybersecurity Services

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and a whopping 58% of all victims are small business owners who often don’t have the time, resources, or know-how to protect their IT set-up from malicious third parties adequately. That’s why tca SynerTech specializes in serving small to mid-size businesses in the Michiana area, providing the top-tier managed cybersecurity solutions typically found at large international corporations with dozens of full-time, in-house IT experts. Read on to discover how our services can protect your invaluable data from falling into the wrong hands.

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Data Protection Solutions

Recent statistics show that enterprise ransomware attacks, supply chain attacks, IoT threats, formjacking attacks, and account takeovers are on the rise. In the last ten years, Michigan and Indiana alone have experienced more than four hundred attacks that affected more than one hundred million records. These attacks typically victimize small and medium-sized business owners as cyber criminals know that most SMBs don’t have the resources to set up a cutting-edge cybersecurity set-up to protect their valuable data.

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Managed Firewall Services

A firewall is a foundational component of any IT cybersecurity plan. When properly used, it can block most attacks by disallowing incoming traffic that may contain malware and stopping outgoing traffic that may contain valuable data that isn’t supposed to leave your secure storage site. If your business isn’t using a firewall, your data is vulnerable to breaches, hacks, ransomware attacks, and a host of other problems that could severely impact or even shut down your company.

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Cloud Security Solutions

tca SynerTech has offered a wide range of managed IT services to SMBs in Michiana for more than twenty years. Our cloud security solutions are designed to not only protect your cloud-stored data and applications from breaches but also make it easy for you move, copy, edit and work with your cloud storage service in a fast, efficient manner. Read on to discover how our cloud security tools and strategies can boost your business.

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Cybersecurity Education & Training

Our IT technicians stay abreast of current IT cybersecurity developments to ensure that all our training sessions and materials are up to date. What’s more, we offer ongoing training to remind your staff members about critical cybersecurity best practices and help them get acquainted with new potential threats.

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Ransomware Protection

tca SynerTech makes it easy for you to recover from any disaster by providing automatic, cloud-based back-up services that automatically back up essential programs and data on a secure cloud storage site. What’s more, we continually test our back-up service to ensure that your files can be accessed quickly and with ease should the need arise. With expert, timely assistance from our team, your company will be up and running in short order.

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Antiphishing & Antimalware

Phishing is a huge problem for businesses of all sizes and from all industries. This malicious yet highly effective form of cyber warfare accounts for 90% of all data breaches and has affected more than 75% of all businesses in 2018 alone. The average cost of a single phishing attack comes to a whopping $1.6 million, far more than many SMBs and even large, successful corporations can afford.

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