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IT Managed Services for Indiana and Michigan Business Owners

Get help from local IT experts who can enable your business to save money, improve customer service, boost profits, remain industry-compliant, and more.

Are you looking for an IT company that can service both Michigan and Indiana businesses, offer cutting-edge IT solutions, provide a high level of customer service and assistance, and help you manage industry-specific programs? If so, tca SynerTech may be the perfect fit for your business.

Michigan IT Company

Expect More: tca SynerTech Commitment To Our Clients

Tca SynerTech is a leading IT company in Michigan & Indiana. We have been in business for more than twenty years, providing both general and specialized services to meet your exact needs. Our team is experienced and certified, and we have gotten high marks from current and former clients for providing fast, effective IT service in the local community.

Business IT Solutions

Are you looking for ways to optimize your IT set-up to increase business efficiency and profits? If so, our team can conduct a comprehensive audit and recommend cutting-edge IT solutions that will help you stay ahead of the competition. What’s more, we partner with leading tech companies to offer top-tier IT hardware at rock-bottom prices.

Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybercrime is the fastest-growing type of criminal activity in the United States. What’s more, hackers are continually coming up with new, improved ways to surreptitiously access business data. It’s no longer enough to install an anti-virus/anti-malware program; you need stellar security tools and strategies to keep hackers at bay.

Tca SynerTech offers strong cybersecurity programs, tools, and services that are typically only available to large corporations with huge IT budgets. What’s more, our team stays abreast of IT developments to provide you with access to the best cybersecurity solutions for your particular industry.

IT Monitoring and Support

We know that IT plays a leading role in every single aspect of your business, be it customer service, marketing, sales, or product development. That’s why we offer 24/7 monitoring and support. Our IT monitoring team proactively looks for ways to prevent problems and improve service while our help desk has the tools and expertise needed to handle any issue that may arise.

IT Training

IT training will help your staff members get to know common hacking tactics so that they can protect your information from hackers. It also gives them the skills and confidence they need to do a great job and remain compliant with federal, state, and local regulations. We offer jargon-free, ongoing training programs that are customized to meet your exact industry needs.

IT managed services enable your business to get scalable IT assistance at a very reasonable price. Get in touch with us to discover how we can help you improve your IT set-up to meet your current and future needs.