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tca SynerTech provides cloud solutions and cloud services for organizations medium and growing throughout Michigan and Indiana.  Thinking about making a move to a Microsoft cloud solution or your own private cloud solution?  tca SynerTech is your single source for cloud technologies.  Connect with our cloud solution professionals to learn more about how the cloud can help your organization.

Cloud Services and Cloud Solutions For Business in Michigan and Indiana

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a versatile system with plans at various price points to make it easy for you to select the services you need when you need them. Even so, this cutting-edge cloud service, on its own, can’t drastically improve your company’s productivity and enable you to reach your goals.

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Microsoft Azure Migrations & Support

Microsoft Azure is a popular cloud option for those who are looking for a secure, reliable public cloud storage option. However, transitioning to the cloud isn’t as simple as it may appear. Sadly, many businesses lose data, compromise their cybersecurity, or experience lengthy downtime and other problems as they make the move from an in-house server to a cloud-hosted one.

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Microsoft Cloud Technologies

Microsoft cloud technologies have much to offer. The tech giant’s cloud service operates in more regions than any other cloud service provider, allows businesses to power apps with ease, offers flexible hybrid cloud solutions, makes it easy for you to use the internet of things to its full potential and much more.

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Business VoIP Services

Business telephones can do so much more than simply make and receive phone calls. With cutting-edge VoIP technology, you can turn your phones into a full-scale business center that can perform various services.

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Cloud Security Solutions

A growing number of companies are migrating to the cloud and it’s not hard to see why. Cloud storage is far more affordable than on-site storage options and it enables company owners and employees to work from literally any location in the world. Furthermore, cloud storage enables your employees to partner with suppliers and contractors, creating an efficient business environment that improves customer service while boosting employee morale.

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