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Do you need cloud solutions that will protect your data while optimizing your IT setup? Discover how to get the professional help you need to move forward.

A growing number of companies are migrating to the cloud, and it’s not hard to see why. Cloud storage is far more affordable than on-site storage options, and it enables company owners and employees to work from literally any location in the world. Furthermore, cloud storage enables your employees to partner with suppliers and contractors, creating an efficient business environment that improves customer service while boosting employee morale.

At the same time, cloud storage has its security risks. That’s why it’s essential to partner with an IT managed service provider that offers cloud security solutions to keep your valuable data safe from malicious third parties.

Keep your files secure at all times. Microsoft has a high standard of cybersecurity to protect users, but you shouldn’t rely solely on the tech giant to protect your files from breaches. We offer DNS monitoring, web monitoring, firewalls, and more to ensure your invaluable information is safe not only on the cloud but also as it is being accessed or moved to or from the cloud.

tca SynerTech has provided a wide range of managed IT services for more than twenty years. Our cloud security solutions are designed to not only protect your cloud-stored data and applications from breaches but also make it easy for you to move, copy, edit and work with your cloud storage service in a fast, efficient manner.

Cloud Security Solutions In Michigan and Indiana

Cloud Storage Solutions

Those who want to use the cloud will find that there are three options to pick from:

  • Public cloud storage involves utilizing a cloud storage solution such as Microsoft’s Azure or Amazon AWS.
  • Private clouds are created to suit your exact needs but are often more costly than public cloud solutions.
  • Hybrid cloud storage involves using both types of clouds for optimum cybersecurity and business efficiency.

What type of cloud is best? That depends on your needs, budget, industry regulations, and a host of other factors. We work with you to analyze your current and future business needs and make cloud storage recommendations that will best fit your business.


We offer complete encryption services to ensure hackers can’t breach your data at any point in time, not just when they are being moved to or from the cloud.

Hosted Servers and Virtualized Desktops

Would you like to drastically reduce IT hardware expenses, lower utility costs, and make more room in your office? If so, our hosted servers and virtualized desktops may be just right for you. We can host all your applications and folders on our machines while giving you easy access via a secure connection. You gain all the benefits of using a top-tier IT infrastructure without having to set up, monitor, update, or repair anything.

The cloud makes it possible to improve your business model, offer improved customer service, boost your bottom line, and save money at the same time. Get in touch with us to learn how our cloud security solutions can be tailored to meet your company’s needs and budget.