Hire a Turnkey IT Department

From Cybersecurity to Tech Support, to simple tech questions, we help your organization in all ways an internal IT department would. You will know your IT team by name and your success will be their priority.

For less than the cost of a single minimum wage employee…

Even small organizations can now have an IT department.

Complete with:

  • A Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • A Chief Security Officer (CSO)
  • Expert IT technicians
  • Technical support and helpdesk
  • Enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions
  • Professional network management
  • Experienced IT infrastructure support
  • Peace of mind knowing your IT is secure and working properly

Cost and savings scale with your organization

With the Guardian Plan & Sentinel Security,
your IT department will be complete with different specialists

From CIO & CSO, to Network & Cloud Administrator, to Helpdesk…We have your covered.

Benefits of partnering with tca SynerTech

Executive IT leadership

Every organization should have an IT team. Every good team needs experienced leadership to help provide guidance and vision. tca SynerTech can bring over 25 years of experience to your organization and provide the C-level tech leadership you need to stay safe and operational.

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Tech Support

You are more than a ticket number. We believe you should know the name of the person to call when you need help. Whether it’s a network, hardware, or software issues, or something as simple as sending a large file by email; we offer unlimited tech support just like an internal IT department.

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Business continuity

The primary role of an IT department is to keep your organization running smoothly. Today, IT’s role is arguably the most important after the President/CEO because without IT business cannot function.

We take your business seriously and make sure you can continue operating; and in the case of a disastrous event, get back up and running quickly.

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Cybersecurity justifies the expense of a dedicated IT department. In today’s world full of phishing and ransomware gangs, data security needs to be a primary primary focus for every organization regardless of size.

Cyberattacks and data breaches can be detrimental to business, cost thousands of dollars and ruin your reputation. We take your security very seriously.

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Starting at $999/month

The Guardian Plan includes…

Unlimited Remote Technical Support

It is no longer necessary to travel to your business to fix most issues. We can simply access a computer or server remotely and take care of any problems as quickly as possible.

Unlimited Helpdesk Technical Support

We are available to answer any technical questions from how to set up a new VoIP phone system, to how to email a large file. No matter how large or small the question, we’re here to help.

Reduced Hourly Rate (out of agreement scope)

The Guardian Plan includes a reduced hourly rate for any technical issue or upgrade that falls outside the agreement scope.

Reduced Emergency Response Rate

Was your organization a victim of malware or a server crash? As a Guardian Plan member, you can rest assured that no matter the emergency, you will know who to call for help. The Guardian Plan includes a reduced rate for an emergency that falls outside of the agreement scope.

Regular Network Maintenance
Your Network Administrator will regularly check the health of your network to make sure your it’s up-to-date, secure and running smoothly. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your network online and avoid downtime.
VoIP Phone System Management

Business phone systems have unique functional needs; like phone trees, intercoms, meeting calls, routing a call to a different phone, paging and operators. We will help you set up all these functions and support your VoIP, business phone into the future. We also support the Microsoft VoIP phone system which allows you to route calls through Microsoft Teams so you’ll never miss a call.

Email Administration

Whether you’re using an on-site email system with physical servers of you’re email is in the Cloud with Microsoft Exchange, we can help you set up all the functionality your organization requires and support it into the future. From encrypting emails, to setting up a new email for a recent hire, to creating a shared calendar, we support all these functions and more.

Windows Updates

Regular updates are essential to the health of your computers. It’s very important to manage how and when those updates are rolled out to avoid potential issues or downtime. Your IT team will manage the rollout of Windows updates for you.

Preferred Response

As a Guardian Plan member, your IT team only serves a limited number of clients. This makes it possible to provide the best, most responsive service possible. When you call, someone will answer; when you submit a support ticket, it will be taken care of promptly.

Yearly IT Budget Projections

We understand the importance of a budget, especially for smaller organizations. That’s why we will work with you to make sure there are no surprise costs or hidden fees.

Vendor Management (printers, software, etc.)

If a technology issue requires the aid of a 3rd party vendor, we will work with them on your behalf.

Reduced Project Rates (Large Events or Major Undertakings)

Do you need help with a large project such as installing a new phone system, upgrading your network, migrating to the Cloud or any other major tech-related undertaking? We can help you with everything from start to finish at a reduced rate.

Website Domain DNS Management

Domain Name Server (DNS) allows someone to simply type in a web address like www.tcasynertech.com and reach the correct website. Today, DNS impacts almost all aspects of an organization online. If this is not managed correctly, your email system or VPN could stop working. We will act as gatekeeper for your organization’s DNS in order to keep your essential business functions running smoothly.

Software Licensing Management

We manage how many licenses you have for each software package and who is assigned to each. If you need to deactivate one user and activate another user, we will help you.

Hardware Information Management
We keep track of all your hardware, keep it up to date, and make recommendations if something needs to be updated or replaced.
Warranty Management
We keep track of all warranties and what is covered. If needed, we will work with the vendor to fix or replace the covered repair.
Starting at $399/month

With Sentinel you get…

Microsoft 365 Backup (Email, OneDrive, SharePoint)

Many people assume that using Microsoft 365 means their data is backed up. This is not the case; Microsoft suggests using a 3rd party to backup your data in their user agreement. We backup all of your Microsoft 365 data 3 times per day. This includes your email account, OneDrive and SharePoint so you can be sure you data is safe and in the event of a disaster, your lost data will be minimal.

Password Security

As a best practice you should never save your passwords in a browser; you should be using a password manager. There are types of malware designed to steal passwords stored in your browser. We have a business-grade password manager available to your organization. This allows you to not only be sure your passwords are safe and available when you need them; but also includes business functionality like revoking passwords when an employee leaves, assigning passwords to a new employee, creating shared passwords and much more.

Web Security

Also called “DNS filtering,” we provide your organization with a secure connection to the web and actively filter out potentially dangerous websites, so your employees are less likely to click a malicious link or inadvertently visit a bad site. A DNS filter also allows you to restrict access to non-work-related websites on a work computer.

Desktop Antivirus

Often the last line of defense in the many layers of security we offer, our top-rated antivirus software will help find and eliminate malware that has somehow found its way to your computer.

Email Security
Spam Filtering

Our spam filtering tool filters out unwanted emails that would otherwise fill up your inbox and allows you to white-list emails if necessary. It will also catch many phishing or other emails containing potentially malicious links.


You will receive an individualized daily report on items caught as either spam or malware for your review. You will also be able to take action from this report by either deleting the email or releasing it to your inbox if you believe it was caught by mistake.

Content Filtering
Its main role is to look at the body of email messages coming in or going out. It looks for innapropriate content, certain key words (like emails asking for gift cards, for example), or a specific word or message and filters out those emails.
Outbound Filtering
Prevents your employees from sending out information the should not; like a social security number, credit card number, etc. This will also stop your computer from sending out malware in case of infection and/or prevent someone from sending emails from your email address in the case of a hijacked email account.
Email Antivirus
This is another layer of email security that searches emails for any known viruses or malware and blocks them before they reach your inbox.
Imposter Email Protection
Also called “anti-spoofing” this prevents you from receiving emails that have been spoofed or sent by an imposter. This helps prevent email fraud and phishing.
Data Loss Prevention

Works with outbound filtering to protect sensitive company information from being sent out by email either purposefully or accidentally.

URL Defense (Sandboxing)
Checks all links against a large database of malicious links and filters out any bad URL’s. If the link (URL) isn’t in the database, it will attempt to open the link in an area not part of your computer or network (sandbox) to analyze if it is safe.
Attachment Defense (Reputation)
This looks at all email attachments and compares them to a large database of known malware. If an attachment is malicious, it will filter it out and safely remove it.
Attachment Defense (Sandboxing)
If the attachment isn’t in the malware database, it will attempt to open it in an area not part of your computer or network (sandbox) to analyze if it is safe.
Email Encryption
Normal emails are sent in clear text that can be intercepted and read by anyone. Encryption protects the email so only the intended recipient can read the message.
Starting at $199/month

Service Level Agreement

What is a Service Level Agreement?

Simply put, a Service Level Agreement is how much time your tca SynerTech IT team will spend managing security applications and verifying backup recovery readiness each month. Allowing you the flexibility to choose the right amount of time to fit your security and backup recovery readiness goals. More time spent means greater peace of mind.

Manage Sentinel Security

We will use this time to manage the Sentinel Security applications package. The best cybersecurity requires regular analysis, management, and maintenance, that’s why we work with you to select the best level of security for your industry and organization.

Verify Data Backups

We will use this time to manage and verify backups to provide the best ability for data recovery when needed. Even if all backup systems appear to be working correctly, there is still the possibility of corruption or other error.

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