Microsoft Azure Migrations

Professional Microsoft Azure Migration Assistance

Discover how to get affordable, expert assistance that will make it easy to transition to Microsoft Azure and take advantage of all that it has to offer.  

Microsoft Azure is a popular cloud option for those who are looking for a secure, reliable public cloud storage option. However, transitioning to the cloud isn’t as simple as it may appear. Sadly, many businesses lose data, compromise their cybersecurity, or experience lengthy downtime and other problems as they make a move from an in-house server to a cloud-hosted one.

Thankfully, you can avoid common yet deadly cloud transition mistakes when moving your valuable apps and data to Microsoft Azure. tca SynerTech offers all the help you need to ensure your migration is fast, easy, and efficient. What’s more, we keep your data safe as it rests on or travels to and from Azure.

Microsoft Azure Migrations Consulting In Michigan Indiana

Getting Started

Do you know how your business wants to use Azure? Will all your files and apps be stored on the cloud, or will some remain on an in-house server or be moved to a private cloud? If you aren’t sure which Azure usage plan is best for your business, our experts can help you make well-informed decisions.

Once you know to best leverage Azure to meet your needs, it’s time to develop a transition plan. If you have terabytes of data and large apps to move to the cloud, it would be unrealistic to expect to move everything over immediately. That’s why we help you create a staggered yet efficient transition plan so business operations can continue regularly throughout the migration period.

Azure Migration

Once we have a plan in place, it’s time to act. Our team of IT experts will begin migration apps and data carefully to the cloud while ensuring that there are no problems with corrupted data, lost files, or incompatible apps. At the same time, we encrypt everything before the move so that hackers can’t steal your data while it’s in transition.

Preparing for Use

Azure makes it easy for you to set user permissions and limit data access to employees who don’t need to see all your sensitive files. We help you set up your new cloud storage system so that each person can see all the data required to do his or her job, but nothing more.

Our team also offers IT training to employees who may not be familiar with Azure and the many tools and features it provides. With professional input, your employees will not only be able to do their jobs faster but will also be happier than before as they will feel competent handling the tasks assigned to them.

Do you need professional advice and assistance to move to Microsoft Azure? Give us a call at your convenience to set up an appointment with our IT migration team.