Antiphishing Solutions

Phishing attacks can do untold damage to your network. Discover how to prevent them while at the same time improving your IT set-up to boost your business.

Antiphishing Solutions For Michigan and Indiana Businesses

Phishing attacks can do untold damage to your network. Discover how to prevent them while at the same time improving your IT set-up to boost your business.  

Phishing is a huge problem for businesses of all sizes and from all industries. This malicious yet highly effective form of cyber warfare accounts for 90% of all data breaches and has affected more than 75% of all businesses in 2018 alone. The average cost of a single phishing attack comes to a whopping $1.6 million, far more than many SMBs and even large, successful corporations can afford.

Thankfully, it is possible to prevent phishing attacks that could damage your business beyond the point of repair. Tca SynerTech has more than twenty years of experience preventing cyberattacks, and we offer an array of antiphishing solutions to keep your company safe both now and in the future.

Antiphishing solutions in Michigan and Indiana

Sophos Security Solutions

tca SynerTech uses Sophos, a top-tier, multi-faceted firewall that makes it easy for you to monitor and limit incoming and outgoing traffic. You can set parameters based on the sites that any given employee will need to access at work, block suspicious incoming emails, stop certain types of files from being transmitted over your network, and more. Additionally, the firewall not only detects malware but also isolates it to prevent system damage.

Mobile Device Management

A growing number of employees use mobile devices to send, receive, and check business emails. While the ability to work remotely is a boon for many businesses, it’s can also cause security problems is one of your staff members loses a mobile device or accesses your network via an unsecured connection. Tca SynerTech offers services that protect your network so employees can work remotely without allowing a phishing attack to gain access to your entire network.

IT Cybersecurity Training

Cybercriminals are continually looking for new ways to breach your business IT security. That’s why our technicians continuously stay abreast of IT developments to keep a step ahead of them. What’s more, we can impart our training to your staff members via ongoing cybersecurity training seminars. One of the topics we cover is phishing, and our technicians offer practical, jargon-free counsel to help your employees recognize and deal with phishing emails.

While IT technology can undoubtedly help your business grow and thrive, it also has its risks that, if not carefully monitored, could cause untold damage. Thankfully, you don’t have to have a large, in-house IT department to keep your business safe from phishing attacks and other forms of cyberwarfare. tca SynerTech offers scalable, affordable, top-tier IT services to keep your systems secure and fully optimized at all times. Get in touch with us to learn more or to make an appointment with our team of cybersecurity experts.