Ransomware Protection

Top-Tier Ransomware Protection and Recovery Services

Discover what cutting-edge ransomware protection and recovery services look like and partner with leading experts to keep your systems safe at all times.  

Ransomware is one of the top five threats to business owners. It not only compromises business data but also causes long-term downtime that can devastate your business.

The good news is that there are tried and proven ways to prevent ransomware attacks or to limit the damage caused by one and get back on your feet without undue delay. Our trained, experienced professionals use cutting edge tools and strategies to drastically minimize the odds of being targeted by hackers while at the same time preparing your company to weather anything that may be thrown at it successfully.

Ransomware Protection For Businesses in Michigan and Indiana

Ransomware Protection

tca SynerTech uses various tools and strategies to protect your network from ransomware attacks. These include:

  • Sophos firewall protection. Leading tech company Sophos has created a cutting-edge firewall program that protects your network by filtering traffic to block hackers from accessing your system. Our team uses this software along with other programs to monitor your systems for signs of suspicious activity.
  • Antivirus/anti-malware programs. Our antivirus and anti-malware programs not only identify threats but also take measures to quarantine and eliminate them.
  • Content filtering. One standard attack method used by cyber hackers the world over is to set up malicious websites and then trick people into loading these sites. Our team uses content filtering to block access to sites that don’t pertain to your industry. This not only protects you from ransomware attacks but also boosts office productivity.
  • Employee cybersecurity training. Our training programs offer jargon-free, clear instructions that can help your employees avoid cyber hacks. Additionally, we outline steps your staff members can take to identify a ransomware attack in progress and limit the damage.

Ransomware Recovery Services

tca SynerTech makes it easy for you to recover from any disaster by providing automatic, cloud-based back-up services that automatically back up essential programs and data on a secure cloud storage site. What’s more, we continually test our back-up service to ensure that your files can be accessed quickly and with ease should the need arise. With expert, timely assistance from our team, your company will be up and running in short order.

At the same time, we don’t write off your systems just because you’ve experienced a hack. In some instances, your files can be decrypted and recovered even if you don’t pay a ransom. We carefully analyze your system in the wake of a cyberattack to see what can be salvaged before you wipe down your computers and start anew.

Do you need ransomware protection and recovery services that are both affordable and trustworthy? If so, give us a call at your convenience. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have or meet you in-person to customize our services to meet your company needs.