Firewall Management Solutions

Managed Firewall Solutions

A firewall is a foundational component of any IT cybersecurity plan. When properly used, it can block most attacks by disallowing incoming traffic that may contain malware and stopping outgoing traffic that may contain valuable data that isn’t supposed to leave your secure storage site. If your business isn’t using a firewall, your data is vulnerable to breaches, hacks, ransomware attacks, and a host of other problems that could severely impact or even shut down your company.

At the same time, a firewall has to be correctly configured to ensure that it’s efficient while at the same time allowing legitimate to pass to and from your computer without undue delay. That’s why tca SynerTech specializes in managed firewall solutions to ensure both maximum IT security and optimization.

Managed Firewall Solutions and Managed Firewall Services In Michiana

Complete Firewall Protection

tca SynerTech partners use cutting-edge, next-generation firewall protection to keep out viruses, Trojans, malware, ransomware, and a host of other attacks. This firewall protection offers you :

  • Protection not just for your in-house IT set-up but also for hybrid clouds and public clouds such as Azure.
  • Superior ability to catch suspicious activity and traffic. Not all firewall solutions are created equal, and hackers have already shown that it is possible to bypass some firewalls to infect or breach business computers. With Sophos, you can rest assured that cyber hackers won’t be able to access your system with ease.
  • Infection isolation. Our firewall won’t just detect threats but also isolate them. If one or more parts of your network have been infected, these will be shut down so the malware doesn’t spread throughout your system.
  • Unprecedented network visibility. Sophos offers a unique dashboard that allows you to see exactly what is going on in your IT network at any given point in time. You can see which particular employee is using applications, when and how files are accessed, and much more. Suppose you’re concerned about employee carelessness or an insider attack. In that case, this dashboard, which is continually monitored by our team of IT experts, will make it easy to understand the weak points in your system and how to address them.

Bear in mind that our managed firewall solutions are only one aspect of our cybersecurity plan. We also offer secure cloud storage solutions, DNS monitoring, 24/7 network monitoring, cybersecurity training for employees, and a host of other tools and services to ensure your systems are safe and secure at all times.

Are you looking for cybersecurity solutions that are the right fit for your business? If so, give us a call to set up an appointment with our team at your convenience.