Save Money and Simplify Your Operations with Cloud Computing

Key takeaways:
  • Moving to the Cloud may allow you to reduce costs.
  • The Cloud increases your IT capabilities, uptime, and network availability beyond what would be possible with a limited budget.
  • Affordable or free enterprise-grade cybersecurity, like that used at large corporations.
  • Exceptional flexibility to accommodate remote work and is easily scalable.


At tca SynerTech, we are passionate about helping non-profit organizations allocate more funds to fulfilling their mission. We understand the particular challenges faced by non-profits. Budgetary restrictions, fund-raising, and donor engagement can be challenging as you serve your community. That’s why our mission is to reduce the complexity and cost of IT for all non-profit organizations while maintaining a stable and secure network.

When it comes to saving money, reducing complexity, and increasing engagement, the Cloud could be the answer. Non-profits and businesses alike can move to the Cloud instead of purchasing and maintaining an expensive, on-premise infrastructure like servers and other hardware.

Why does the Cloud make sense for non-profits?

Embracing the Cloud over on-premise solutions offers numerous benefits for non-profit organizations, particularly in terms of availability & reliability, security, scalability, and flexibility. This move eliminates the constraints imposed by traditional network infrastructure, allowing non-profits to maximize their uptime and grow confidently and without the burden of costly investments in and maintenance of hardware and software.

Available and reliable

Choosing the Cloud enhances network uptime and availability by mitigating risks such as power outages, internet disruptions, equipment malfunctions, and natural disasters like fires or tornadoes. This is done by employing a variety of redundancies like power generators, multiple internet providers, redundant high-availability servers, storage, etc. By choosing the Cloud, non-profits can access virtually unlimited network uptime and availability that is typically unobtainable for most organizations except large enterprises.

By relying on Cloud servers, non-profits can rest assured that their data and operations are protected from such events because of the greater availability the Cloud offers. Additionally, data is often replicated across different geographical locations to ensure there is no disruption in the event of a regional outage.


Cloud services allow advanced security configuration over the services they provide. They arm you with the tools you need to control access to your information in the best way for your organization. This is enterprise-level cybersecurity, the same security used by the largest corporations, and far surpasses what small to medium businesses could ever afford to implement.


The Cloud is designed to be fully flexible for your needs and can grow and shrink with you. If you add a new program and double your headcount, you won’t need to worry about additional software or hardware expenses such as servers and storage because the Cloud can immediately scale to meet your needs. You can even scale back down just as easily when extra head counts are no longer needed.

In this way, Cloud solutions are not limited in the same way as traditional physical server-based services allowing your organization to grow and shrink as needed by simply adding or removing licenses. This process is made easier by the discounted prices offered to non-profits.

Flexible for remote work

Anyone can work from any device in any location and connect using centralized organizational information and data. All data is kept secure by Cloud providers’ enhanced, enterprise-grade cybersecurity.

Solutions like Microsoft 365 allow users to access files and use the Office apps in a browser and on any device connected to the internet. This gives the user the ability to transition seamlessly between devices and locations.

Benefits of moving to the Cloud

The Cloud is not a new concept; applications and services running online via websites have been around as long as the internet. However, now the enhanced features and flexibility available on Cloud services mean you can run your entire organization on the Cloud. Your organization can also take advantage of advanced services and processes that may not even be available at your location.

In essence, non-profit organizations now have the opportunity to leverage the power of the Cloud to gain access to enterprise-level IT solutions and capabilities without the massive investment. The Cloud provides the same level of protection as large corporations, ensuring that any size organization can effectively defend itself against cyberattacks.

By adopting the Cloud, non-profits can save on hardware and software expenses while enjoying a secure, scalable, and reliable infrastructure. With reduced concerns about outages and costly hardware maintenance, organizations can shift their focus to their mission and better serve the community in a secure digital environment.

The Cloud on a non-profit budget

One of the highest costs in IT is housing information yourself; purchasing hardware, implementing redundancy measures to maximize uptime, and maintaining the whole solution can be expensive. The Cloud allows you to get rid of the on-premise servers, hardware, and software and exchange them for Cloud-based solutions with far greater functionality, security, uptime, and reliability than possible with a limited budget.

Many non-profits can take advantage of free Microsoft 365 products and the enormous savings Microsoft offers exclusively to non-profits, 75% or more off in many cases, on subscriptions that will provide more security and functionality.

For more information about Microsoft’s plans for non-profits, click here.

Maintain older, non-Cloud software in the Cloud

For those needing to maintain older, non-Cloud software, you can also load the software in the Cloud using Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft makes Azure available to non-profits for free, up to $5,000 per year. For small non-profits, depending on consumption, this donation could cover the entire Cloud infrastructure and servers for no cost.

For more information about Azure, click here.

A team of IT experts is here to help

Setting up everything correctly and maintaining compliance can be a challenge if you are not familiar with the Cloud and can require the assistance of a team of experts. For less than the cost of a low-level employee, you can have an entire team to guide you on your Cloud journey.

For more information about moving to the Cloud, don’t hesitate to contact tca SynerTech, where our focus is on helping non-profit organizations remain operational.