Did you know? Microsoft Azure makes the Cloud possible

Key takeaways:

  • Microsoft offers significant discounts on Azure for non-profits.
  • Azure is a Cloud computing platform to virtualize servers and seamlessly transition to the Cloud.
  • With Azure, you can maintain older, legacy software in the Cloud.
  • Azure allows access to enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions.
  • Azure allows for scalability without an expensive hardware or software investment.


Often, there are a few common reasons why organizations have reservations about using Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure.
The most common concerns are:
  1. I don’t know what it is. – Some organizations may not be familiar with Cloud computing platforms like Azure. They may feel more comfortable with traditional on-premise servers, even if it means higher upfront costs and ongoing maintenance expenses.
  2. The cost is too high. – Cost is a concern for non-profits, particularly those with limited budgets. While Microsoft offers significant discounts on Azure for non-profits, some organizations may still perceive the cost to be too high for their budget.
  3. Our current software isn’t Cloud compatible. – Non-profits may have older software or applications they think are not Cloud-compatible. Azure enables compatibility, allowing those organizations to transition to the Cloud more easily. This could pose a challenge when considering a move to Azure or any Cloud-based solution. However, it’s important to note that Azure can accommodate legacy software, making it a viable option.
  4. How secure is it?– Cybersecurity is a significant concern when it comes to Cloud-based platforms. However, Azure and the Cloud allow all organizations to access enterprise-grade security that would otherwise be unobtainable.
  5. What is Microsoft Azure, and why should you care?

By leveraging Azure, you can unlock the full potential of Cloud technology, streamline your operations, and focus on achieving your mission. Microsoft Azure offers cost savings, scalability, enhanced security, collaboration and productivity tools, disaster recovery capabilities, and advanced analytics. Azure can accommodate your IT requirements without the need for expensive hardware, making it a cost-effective and scalable solution for non-profits.

Microsoft Azure is a powerful cloud computing platform that can help non-profit organizations take advantage of the many benefits of Cloud technology. Azure provides a virtual space for storing data, running applications, and accessing a wide range of services over the internet. With Azure, you can seamlessly transition to the Cloud without worrying about old, unsupported software that may not be Cloud ready. Azure is a game-changing solution that offers flexibility, scalability, and cost-saving benefits to organizations of all sizes.

Azure is a comprehensive suite of services that includes networking, virtual computing, analytics, and data storage, all backed by enterprise-grade security measures. By harnessing these features, organizations can embark on a fully customizable digital transformation journey.

  1. Microsoft donates Azure to non-profits.

Microsoft offers a generous donation program for non-profit organizations, making Azure available for free, up to $5,000 per year. This contribution can cover the entire Cloud infrastructure and servers at no cost for smaller non-profits. Even for larger non-profits, the program helps alleviate a significant portion of the financial burden associated with adopting cloud solutions. By leveraging Azure, non-profits can allocate resources more efficiently and redirect funds toward their mission.

  1. Maintain older, non-Cloud software in the Cloud

One of the standout advantages of Microsoft Azure is its ability to accommodate software previously incompatible with the Cloud. Azure allows you to virtualize your server in the Cloud, eliminating the need for expensive on-premise infrastructure. By migrating applications to the Cloud, non-profits can maintain critical software systems without worrying about compatibility issues.

  1. Data Security and Compliance

In an era of data breaches and cyber threats, Azure provides enterprise-grade security solutions to protect your organization’s valuable information. Microsoft takes data security seriously and invests heavily in advanced security protocols, including threat detection, encryption, and regular security updates. By leveraging Azure, your IT team gains access to industry-leading security measures, ensuring your data remains safeguarded against unauthorized access and cyberattacks.

Moreover, Azure assists organizations in achieving compliance with various industry regulations and standards like HIPAA for healthcare organizations. Azure offers comprehensive compliance solutions that help organizations meet their legal and regulatory requirements. This peace of mind allows businesses and non-profits to focus on their core objectives without compromising on data security or compliance obligations.

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A team of professionals is required to implement Azure successfully

To take advantage of all the benefits of Microsoft Azure, it must be properly implemented by a team of qualified professionals. At tca SynerTech, we have years of success with dozens of Azure implementations at various organizations. Our team can help your non-profit organization implement Azure effectively, overcome compatibility issues with legacy software, and revolutionize how you use the Cloud. Contact tca SynerTech today to learn how Azure can benefit your non-profit organization.