Single Sign-On (Benefits/Advantages)

tca SynerTech provides Michiana businesses with Single Sign-on solutions keeping their business TI systems secured from unauthorized access.

Why You Need Single Sign-On

When single sign-on is used, there’s a clear impact on productivity throughout the workforce and security against cybercrime.

Nobody enjoys memorizing unique login credentials for multiple accounts. It’s one of the most common reasons for calling tech support, isn’t it? You can’t get into an account because you followed the proper protocol – creating a strong, unique password of at least 12 characters, then making sure you only used that password for one account. So now, you’ve got a whole bunch of long, hard-to-remember passwords to keep in mind.

Single Sign On Security

Single Sign-On Security For Michigan Businesses

It’s only a matter of time before you have to reset one or more passwords because naturally, you’re going to forget your passwords once in a while. It’s a never-ending cycle that leaves you frustrated and annoyed. And to make matters worse, you’re spending money on tech support AND losing productive hours each time it happens.

This is why you need single sign-on – a holistic approach that helps you avoid wasted time and money because of forgotten passwords.

Single sign-on, also known as SSO, is a holistic approach to access and authentication. Essentially, single sign-on allows users to access a range of applications using one login, regardless of the technology or platform. All of the user’s applications are accessible via one convenient portal with one login, which means you’re a single click away from working productively at any given time.

If you’re ready to eliminate the frustration of mesmerizing multiple passwords at a time, take a look at the benefits of single sign-on:

Keep Your Employees And Technology Department On Track

A convenient, single point of access keeps everyone on track – minimizing any wasted time and resources through:

  • Avoiding unnecessary support calls because fewer passwords are forgotten.
  • Improving user experience as there’s no need to hop between programs.
  • Preventing malicious infections that lead to an inability to work.
  • Enforce common password best practices

Although many people assume having one password for all accounts is less secure, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In actuality, single sign-on significantly reduces the risk of password theft because:

  • It’s easier to enforce best practices when they’re only required to create and remember one strong password.
  • It’s less likely that employees will write their passwords down or reuse them with personalized services.
  • Improve software adoption rates

For many organizations, some technology is less widely used or adopted due to complex customer access or sign-up processes. Single sign-on helps you improve the chances of customers signing up for your applications and/or adopting your technologies.

Where Can I use Single Sign-on?

We’ve heard this question quite a few times. The truth is, single sign-on can’t be configured for all websites and applications. When single sign-on can’t be configured, we typically opt for a password management software with built-in authenticators to automate everything – even the two-factor authentication code process.

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You’ll notice a HUGE increase in productivity as your employees can speed through their workload without hiccups – from forgotten passwords to the time-consuming, traditional need to flip from program to program.