Protect Your Inbox With Anti-Phishing

Did you know that the majority of all the emails in your Microsoft 365 mailbox are malignant?

Anti-Phishing: An Additional Layer Of Protection For Your Inbox

Many of the emails that end up in your inbox are sent with criminal intentions – things like stealing sensitive data, convincing users to send money, and other costly tricks. That’s why we always recommend starting with a strong email security solution, then adding an anti-phishing solution as an additional layer of protection.

Our anti-phishing solution detects threats that most conventional email gateways cannot detect. It extensively blends with Microsoft 365 to further protect you and your users against the following:

  • Domain spoofing
  • Account hijacking
  • Email phishing

Why do you need an additional layer of protection if you already have an email security solution? The fact is that no product will protect you each and every time. When it comes to cybersecurity of any kind, a multi-layered approach is essential to make sure that if one layer fails, subsequent layers catch the issue.

Protect Your Inbox With Anti-Phishing

How Does Our Anti-Phishing Solution Work?

Our anti-phishing solution offers artificial intelligence-based protection against a range of threats.

Safeguard Against Account Takeover

An account takeover involves hacking and gaining entry into existing corporate email accounts using stolen login credentials. Our anti-phishing solution identifies and automatically blocks any unauthorized emails that try to infiltrate your systems and steal details and/or passwords.

Protect Against Domain Spoofing And Account Hijacking

Cybercriminals know your reputation is vital, and because of this, they send over 3.1 billion domain spoofing emails in a day. The fact that your firm has many employees who send emails with the company’s banner makes you even more gullible to account hijacking.

As a part of our anti-phishing solution, we help partners institute and implement DMARC protocols. We have a team of professionals to assist your firm in avoiding common mistakes when deploying DMARC, such as bypassing parked domains, misalignment, and having excess lookups in your SPF record, among many others.

Automate Phishing Attack Response Procedures

You can rest assured knowing incident response procedures are automated to take into account several possible scenarios. All individuals and/or resources involved will be promptly notified as needed. Our cumulative experience and critical analysis of data from your systems also allow us to identify high-risk individuals and provide them with extra training on cybersecurity.

Ready To Feel Confident With An Extra Layer Of Protection?

Get started with our anti-phishing solution as an additional layer of protection added on top of your email security solution. You’ll feel confident knowing your email, and in turn, your sensitive information is safe.

To get this extra layer of protection for your email, click here to get in touch with us or call us at (269) 428-7000 and book a consultation.