Protect Yourself With DNS Filtering

Discover how to keep you and your employees safe from malicious and dangerous websites with DNS filtering.

DNS Filtering: Block Access To Malicious And Dangerous Websites

The internet is a fantastic resource that allows us to connect with one another, research information, and get work done. But when you’re browsing around, it’s easy to come across malicious and dangerous websites that:

  • Convince users to provide sensitive information
  • Install malicious content onto your system
  • Drain bank accounts and/or steal sensitive information
  • Distract employees from working productivity

Nowadays, more malicious websites are created than legitimate, safe websites. This is where DNS filtering comes in. A DNS filter crawls websites as they’re visited to determine in real-time if they’re safe or not.

Protect Yourself With DNS Filtering

How Our DNS Filtering Solution Works

When our DNS filtering solution is in place, You’re able to keep your network safe and ensure user compliance with your pre-defined internet policies. If a website is deemed inappropriate or malicious, users will be redirected to a local IP address that explains why the website can’t be accessed. Our DNS filtering solution is…

  • Powered via artificial intelligence to protect against multiple threats
  • Available on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS
  • Able to deliver network activity and security reports with actionable data
  • Backed by three dozen data centers to ensure low latency and 100% uptime

Start Protecting Your Users

If you don’t currently have a DNS filtering solution, get started now to keep your sensitive information, employee productivity, and overall, your livelihood safe against malicious and dangerous websites. You can stop worrying about what’s happening on your network and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with strengthening your security now.

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