Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks to Improve Business Functions

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Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks to Improve Business Functions

Microsoft Teams has become a hot topic, especially over the past year. As more companies push forward through a time in which many people are working from home, many are finding they need enhanced virtual team collaboration capabilities. This makes Microsoft Teams a godsend for companies that have just made their way into the remote world. The advantages of remote video conferencing are many, especially when first making the transition toward a more virtual environment. Keep reading to learn more about Microsoft Teams, including what it is and how to get the most out of it.

What Is Microsoft Teams?

Known for being a proprietary business communication platform, Microsoft Teams is an application that’s in the Microsoft 365 family. It gives users the ability to efficiently carry out virtual team meetings and much more. Users can share and store files among one another as well as integrate the app with other business apps to further improve company activities.

Microsoft Teams is, when leveraged correctly, a virtual workspace. It provides a virtual space for team members to collaborate in both real-time and through virtual means. By creating shared workplaces through Microsoft Teams, it makes it simple to keep remote workers completely up to date on business activities even when workers are spread out across the country or world.

What Companies Benefit From Microsoft Teams?

Businesses of all sizes can use Microsoft Teams. This even applies to solo entrepreneurs and freelancers who work solo. Freelancers who use Microsoft Teams are able to provide their clients with a professional virtual meeting place, making it simple to carry out remote conversations that are important to projects. For example, perhaps you are a freelance content creator who is creating five new blog posts for a client. At the last minute, the client asks for certain links to be included in each piece and wants them embedded in certain parts. With Microsoft Teams, both you and the client can log in and share screens using the app, making it super easy for the client to explain in detail what he or she wants.

Large enterprises particularly benefit from Microsoft Teams because it makes team collaboration a cinch. More so, it makes collaboration much simpler even when you’re a part of multiple teams. From sharing files to viewing content updates in real-time, you can easily converse with other team members to get each project done on time and effectively.

Achieve Simple Task Management With Microsoft Planner Integration

To get the most out of Microsoft Teams, you’ll definitely want to integrate it with Microsoft Planner. Planner, if you haven’t used it yet, allows you to track tasks for purposes of improving simple task management. Even better, you don’t need a third-party task manager to use it with Microsoft Teams. Simply complete the integration and ‘pin’ the Planner app to any of the conversations or channels that you’re a part of on Microsoft Teams. This provides easy accessibility in only a single click.

Overcome Language Barriers

With more and more companies going global, it only makes sense to use applications that help break down language barriers. With Microsoft Teams, you can say good-bye to language barriers. Don’t know how to speak French but have a French client you’re working with? If so, make sure you and the client converse using Microsoft Teams, and you’re good to go. The click of a button is all it takes to translate messages as you and team members and clients communicate through the Microsoft Teams application.

Bookmark Valuable Content

Have you ever read a message and wanted to come back to it at a later time but have trouble finding it? Those days are long gone thanks to Microsoft Teams’ ‘bookmark’ feature. To access bookmarks at a later time, simply go to the search bar in Microsoft Teams and type in ‘command/saved.’

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