How Does A Growing Lack of IT Expertise Affect You?

65% of technology leaders agree that hiring challenges are hurting the industry, so how do you know if your technology provider actually has the skills needed to help you succeed?

A Growing Lack of IT Expertise Might Leave YOU with an Unskilled Technology Provider

According to a recent CIO survey of over 3,000 technology leaders, 65% believe that hiring challenges are hurting the industry. Unfortunately, there’s a major shortage of IT expertise happening right now – and it’s happening at a hard time wherein almost every company is becoming a “technology company” to some degree. What do we mean? Digital transformation – the concept of leveraging technology to improve operational efficiencies and create greater value for consumers – is taking over. Businesses are leveraging more forms of technology – and to a heavier degree – than ever before. The growing lack of expertise in the industry is a major challenge for not only technology providers, but virtually all businesses around the world.

What Makes for the Ideal “IT Expert” and Why Is It Hard to Find?

An ideal IT expert is able to address a range of areas, including coding, cybersecurity, network design, hardware implementation, troubleshooting, and more. But more than simply having technical skills, an ideal IT expert must be able to show qualification in terms of:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Adaptability
  • Customer service

Unfortunately, there simply isn’t enough talent to meet the ever-evolving demand. As technology continues to play an increasingly important role in the workplace, businesses need assistance embracing technology, and in turn, the concept of digital transformation – allowing them to lead smarter, more agile organizations that can make strategic decisions based on real-time access to data.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment opportunities in the computer and IT sector will grow by 12% over the next decade, which is far faster than the average expected rate of job growth. Until the amount of talent is aligned with the ever-evolving demand, how do you know your technology provider is up-to-par?

How Do You Know Your Technology Provider is Skilled and Up-to-Par?

When you’re looking for a technology provider, it’s important to pay attention to their areas of expertise and skill-sets. This is something that simply can’t be faked, especially if they have various certifications and/or training courses backing them up. Here’s a few questions to ask to help you determine their true skill level:

1. How do you handle cybersecurity?

They should have a clear and well-defined process that outlines the comprehensive cybersecurity measures they’ll put in place, including:

  • Firewalls
  • Anti-virus software
  • Intrusion detection software
  • Encryption

They should also provide some sort of employee awareness training as human error tends to be the largest cause of data breaches.

2. What experience do you have with my industry?

This is a critical question, especially as industry-specific regulations, such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, FINRA, etc. continue to evolve. They should be well aware of your pain points, your primary line of business applications, and any technologies on the horizon for your industry.

3. Do you require your staff to undergo any specific training?

Lastly, make sure you find out about their staff’s qualifications and certifications. Do they undergo any specific training? Are they certified in the technologies you’re using? This is the only way to ensure a high level of skill.

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