How TCA helped a local non-profit

About the Non-Profit Organization

This non-profit organization provides beds to at-risk families across Southwest Michigan. They support families as they look for stable housing and connect their children with teachers to help build their skills. The non-profit uses IT to operate their services as well as connect with those at risk of homelessness.

The Challenges

The non-profit office was struggling to keep their IT, and as a result, their office operational. There was a complete lack of cybersecurity, leaving the non-profit vulnerable to a potentially devastating attack.

They did not have a dedicated IT person, instead that role was being filled by someone with basic computer knowledge. That individual was becoming overwhelmed with the regular IT issues in addition to their full-time position at the organization.

IT issues such as:
  • Unreliable internet service that went down frequently, including during bad weather
  • Unreliable phone service
  • Network outages
  • Wi-Fi instability
  • Computers running old or unsupported operating systems
The Solution

The non-profit organization engaged tca SynerTech to solve their issues, update their IT, establish cybersecurity, and ultimately keep them operational to serve the community effectively.

TCA worked within their budget and updated the IT, including:
  • Installed a dedicated fiber internet connection
  • Unified communications using the Microsoft Teams platform
  • Installed new, reliable Teams phones
  • Installed a new network infrastructure that is secure, easy to use, and quick to update
  • Updated computers to work with the new system
  • Installed new cybersecurity – firewall, antivirus, and consistent security structure on all machines
Benefits and Outcomes

The non-profit now has a secure, reliable, and up-to-date network.

The many benefits include:
  • Reliable internet service
  • Reliable phone service with increased capability
  • 50%+ cost savings on phone service
  • Cybersecurity to help prevent an attack
  • Unlimited tech support
  • Time they can now dedicate time to serving the community rather than IT issues