How does an IT department keep you operational?

In today’s environment, most business is conducted using technology. No matter how you use technology, IT must be secure and working correctly, or your business cannot operate. From computers, phones, and tablets to the company VPN, point-of-sale system, and management software, every piece of IT must be operational, or the impact on the organization could be catastrophic.

Like an accountant manages money, an IT department manages data and works behind the scenes to keep your technology operational and your data secure. With companies moving toward more remote and hybrid work, almost all employee communications, productivity tools, etc., use some form of information technology. It’s vital to keep ahead of the trends and safe from cyberattacks, or it could cost your reputation and, ultimately, your business.
Cybersecurity keeps you operational

The grim reality is nearly half of all businesses fell victim to ransomware last year. And the average cost of a single, successful cyberattack on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) reached $200,000. Causing one-quarter of all SMBs in the U.S. to cease operations.

Good cybersecurity requires constant attention and is essential to staying operational. An IT department is a specialized team that will manage the network, so potential vulnerabilities cannot be exploited. They also provide a human aspect to intervene and respond when a security event occurs. If a cybersecurity threat is identified, skilled professionals are needed to investigate and respond correctly to mitigate potential damage.

A study conducted at the University of Maryland was one of the first to quantify the actual threat of cyberattack. They found that, on average, hackers attack computers connected to the internet every 39 seconds or approximately 2,244 times per day. These attacks looked for any vulnerability and did not target any specific person, organization, or industry. This means that today, literally everyone connected to the internet is at risk.

Without an experienced IT department, many SMBs will fall victim to ransomware and other cyberattacks that could shut down their business. Ransomware may be one of the most detrimental and widely reported types of attack today, but the list of threats is ever-growing. There are many types of malware, hacks, account takeovers, phishing, and others in the world today that could cause untold damage if proper cybersecurity is not in place.

With ransomware and cyberattacks on the rise, it might only be a matter of time before your business falls victim. That’s why it’s crucial to be prepared and have a disaster recovery plan.

Disaster preparedness and recovery

What would happen to your organization if your employees could no longer access company data or files? Are you prepared for a ransomware attack or severe data breach? Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place? These questions should be top of mind for business leaders.
An IT department not only keeps you operational but helps your organization get back to operational quickly in the event of a disaster like fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, ransomware, or other cyberattacks.

Backing up all data frequently is vital to recovering from any data loss or disaster. An IT department will work with your organization to find the solution that works best. IT also works behind the scenes to verify the backup process is working correctly, the files are not corrupted, and track the amount of time it takes to recover.
Without a disaster recovery plan, there is no way of knowing how catastrophic a disaster like ransomware could be. Organizations without a good backup and recovery solution could lose a large amount of data. What files could you not afford to lose? Are those files backed up and protected?

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