Hardware & Software Support

Hardware and Software Support

Discover how to turn to for expert help in selecting and installing IT equipment in a new office or upgrading IT equipment and services for an existing office.

Using the best IT hardware and software for your business will enable it to grow like never before. IT technology is changing all the time, offering new solutions and improved programs to help you save money, better identify and grow your customer base, keep track of data with ease, secure your systems to prevent data breaches and much more.

tca SynerTech offers customized hardware & software support to meet your needs. Read on to discover how we can help your business create the ideal IT setup you need and deserve.

Computer Hardware and Software Support in Michigan and Indiana

Hardware Solutions

Do you need an efficient printer, fax machine, or scanner, but aren’t sure which equipment is the best option? Tca SynerTech partners with leading tech companies to offer the best IT hardware at the best prices. What’s more, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business before you invest in IT upgrades to ensure the equipment you purchase is just right for your company.

Connectivity Solutions

We offer wire and cable management services to make it easy for you to set up a new business office without hassles or rearrange a current office to boost business efficiency. Our team understands the importance of office connectivity, be it to an in-office network or the internet, so we offer prompt, in-office services to help you get your cables and wires installed properly so you won’t have to waste valuable time waiting for your new set-up to get connected.

We also offer high-speed internet consulting services to help you choose the broadband connection that’s right for your business. Once you pick a broadband service, we’ll get you hooked up quickly so your workers can get on with their jobs without undue delay.

Repair Services

It can be extremely frustrating when your IT equipment breaks down at the wrong time. The loss of a printer, monitor, hard drive, keyboard or any other piece of equipment can result in loss of income, customer trust and office morale as employees sit waiting for the problem to get fixed so they can continue their jobs. Our team takes IT equipment repair seriously, offering remote and in-house assistance to ensure your equipment gets back up and running as quickly as possible. What’s more, we also identify the root cause of the breakdown and deal with it to ensure that there are no similar problems in the future.

Are you looking for customized hardware & software support that will meet your current and future business needs? If so, get in touch with us to learn more about our services or to make an appointment with our team of IT specialists.