Did you know? You can do better than Microsoft’s free non-profit plans.

Significantly increase your security with a donation from Microsoft exclusively for non-profits.

Key takeaways:
  • Microsoft’s most valuable donations to non-profits may not be free, but rather are deeply discounted subscriptions to their most powerful solutions.
  • It’s important to understand the tremendous value and benefits offered by these deeply discounted plans rather than focus on cost.
  • All organizations should consider the Microsoft 365 E5 level because it includes significant cybersecurity upgrades and advantages, plus a business phone system.


At tca SynerTech, we recognize the unique challenges that non-profit organizations face, including budget constraints, fundraising, and donor engagement; add to that, the current state of cybersecurity. One powerful tool is Microsoft 365, which offers a range of services discounted specifically for non-profit organizations.

In this article, we will review Microsoft 365 plans, discuss their value, and explore why the E5 plan is the best choice for non-profits. Because non-profits have the same However, when it comes to Microsoft 365, it’s crucial to see the benefits rather than the price tag and realize that deeply discounted solutions are the best option.

Free is not always better

While Microsoft does offer free products to non-profit organizations, such as Office 365 Non-profit Business Essentials and Non-profit E1 licenses, these products have limitations compared to the more powerful and comprehensive solutions available at a discounted price. While free may sound like an ideal option, free licenses can only be offered with limited functionality and do not include advanced security features that can help protect against cyberattacks. Because of the need for greater security due to today’s cyber threats, Microsoft donates its top-tier plans to non-profits for a deeply discounted rate (essentially at cost).

The Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 licenses are available at a discounted price for non-profit organizations and offer a more complete set of solutions that will allow you to take advantage of the security and advanced features you need. These licenses include state-of-the-art security features, such as identity and access management and threat protection against phishing and ransomware attacks. They also include more comprehensive productivity tools, such as advanced email management, collaboration tools, a business phone system, and more.

Microsoft makes their most valuable plans affordable for non-profits

Microsoft offers several plans tailored to meet today’s cybersecurity threats, each with its own set of features and benefitsMicrosoft understands non-profits need these valuable solutions to be successful but often can’t afford to pay full price, so they make their plans available for a significant discount.

The most beneficial and deeply discounted plans for non-profits are the E3 and E5 plans.

  1. Microsoft 365 E3 Plan – The E3 plan, priced at $36/month, is only $9/month for non-profits! This plan includes a more secure Windows operating system license (Windows Enterprise) and always latest, always up-to-date desktop versions of the Office apps. Additionally, the full version of Microsoft Teams is also included, providing a unified communication and collaboration platform.

The E3 plan offers cybersecurity features not available in any free plans, including data loss prevention for email and files, as well as endpoint detection to help stop threats such as ransomware. However, security is limited even with the E3 plan. For example, this plan does not have the ability to guard against phishing attacks, which can be an issue when 91% of all successful attacks start with a phishing email.

  1. Microsoft 365 E5 Plan – The E5 plan, priced at $57/month, is only $22.80/month for non-profits! This plan includes everything in the E3 plan, with a major upgrade to security features and the addition of a business phone system.

The E5 plan boasts the ability to help guard against zero-day threats and phishing attacks with enterprise-grade cybersecurity not available at any other plan level. Furthermore, E5 contains advanced tools to better protect sensitive data and respond to regulatory and compliance requirements. E5 can also help increase employee productivity and data security using artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tools.

This plan is ideal for non-profit organizations looking for a comprehensive suite of productivity tools along with enhanced security features at an affordable price.

Microsoft 365 is worth it, even at full price.

For-profit organizations pay full price for Microsoft 365 plans because of the extensive range of cybersecurity tools and the advanced features and benefits they provide. Microsoft 365 is designed to enhance productivity, streamline collaboration, and ensure the security of sensitive data. The full range of features offered by the E3 and E5 plans justifies their cost for businesses, even at full price. This helps put the true value of the discount Microsoft offers non-profits into perspective.

Microsoft 365 offers numerous advantages for all organizations, such as:

  1. Security: The advanced security features in the E3 and E5 plans provide robust protection for sensitive data, helping non-profit organizations ensure the privacy and security of their information.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration: Microsoft 365 includes tools like Microsoft Teams, allowing team members to communicate, share files, and collaborate seamlessly, regardless of their location.
  3. Scalability: Microsoft 365 plans can be easily scaled to meet the changing needs of non-profit organizations without the need for costly hardware investments.
Why the E5 plan is the best choice

While both the E3 and E5 plans offer valuable features for non-profit organizations, the E5 plan stands out as the best choice for several reasons:

  1. Comprehensive Security Features: The E5 plan provides a significant increase in security features over the E3 plan, including enterprise-grade endpoint and identity protection. These features help non-profit organizations better safeguard against a wide range of threats and ensure the security of their data.
  1. Advanced Data Protection and Compliance: Non-profit organizations often handle sensitive information, such as donor details, protected personal information, and financial records. The E5 plan includes advanced tools for protecting sensitive data and responding to regulatory requirements, ensuring that non-profits maintain compliance and protect their reputation.
  2. Actionable Business Intelligence: The E5 plan offers advanced business intelligence capabilities, enabling non-profit organizations to gain valuable insights from their data and analytics. These insights can improve decision-making, optimize resource allocation, and enhance overall operational efficiency.
  1. Business Phone System: The inclusion of a business phone system in the E5 plan allows non-profit organizations to use Microsoft Teams as their business phone solution. This feature is particularly beneficial for organizations that require reliable and integrated phone solutions to interact with donors, volunteers, and partners.
  1. Improved Return on Investment: Although the E5 plan comes at a higher price than the E3 plan, its additional features and benefits provide a greater return on investment for non-profit organizations. The enhanced security, communication, and data analysis capabilities provided by the E5 plan can help non-profits streamline their operations and better serve their communities.

Microsoft 365 plans offer a range of valuable features and benefits for non-profit organizations, with the E5 plan being the best choice. The comprehensive security features, business phone system, advanced data protection and compliance tools, and actionable business intelligence capabilities provided by the E5 plan make it a worthwhile investment for non-profits looking to optimize their operations and better serve their communities.

Make the right choice for your organization.

Non-profits are becoming a larger target for hackers because financial limitations often make advanced cybersecurity unobtainable. However, Microsoft makes these features available in the E3 and E5 subscriptions at a deeply discounted price for non-profits.

To remain successful, non-profit organizations must recognize the tremendous value and benefits of Microsoft’s deeply discounted licenses to their most powerful solutions rather than solely focusing on cost. By understanding the importance of investing in cybersecurity, non-profits can ensure the safety of their digital assets and enhance overall operations. Microsoft 365 E5, in particular, provides significant cybersecurity upgrades making it an ideal choice for any organization.

Don’t let the price tag deter you from experiencing the significant value Microsoft 365 has to offer. Free is not always the best option, especially when your organization’s future is at stake. It’s crucial to make an informed decision to empower your non-profit organization with the right technology and cybersecurity measures to further your mission and positively impact your community.

Reach out to the experts.

At tca SynerTech, we understand the challenges non-profits face in balancing financial constraints and the need for strong cybersecurity. That’s why a team from tca SynerTech can help you understand each plan level’s value and why for-profit organizations pay full price for these services. For less than the cost of a low-level employee, you can have an entire team from TCA to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right Microsoft 365 plan for your needs.