Developing a Business Case for Managed IT Services

Developing a Business Case for Managed IT Services

Today’s technology is at the forefront of business efficiency and innovation. Chief Information Officers are not only responsible for managing IT, but they are also expected to provide strategic business growth while doing the following:

  • increasing efficiencies
  • reducing costs
  • supporting business modernization

Technology is growing progressively complex, yet there is still a substantial amount of opportunities to drive greater business productivity utilizing technology. Running an IT environment has become an arduous task, and it requires the sustained attentiveness and availability of experienced staff, making it a cost dilemma.

Businesses that decide to hire their own IT team find this perspective not expandable, generally because prompt changes in business demands impact the necessary skills making it difficult to retain high-quality IT talent. Considering today’s technology landscape, businesses and organizations find it appealing to partner with an IT Managed Service Provider(MSP), as an MSP can loosen them from necessary but challenging IT tasks like monitoring and managing an IT infrastructure including the following:

  • Network
  • Security
  • Systems collaboration

With a high percentage of businesses and organizations using some form of managed IT services, it has been forecasted that the managed service market is set to grow to more than $300 billion over the next few years. Businesses that make the transition to managed services are enjoying several tangible benefits. How can you make sure this is the right approach for your business?

Defining Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services will allow you to disburden parts of your daily IT operations to a Managed Service Provider (MSP). These can be functioning tasks that are at the center of your IT environment, such as the performance of your network but do not necessarily add merit from a business growth perspective.

The idea is comprehensible: Discharge all the time-consuming tasks, and this will allow you to place more attention on the development of new operations and efficiencies that will be effective to your business strategy. When you partner with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) in Michiana, you are handing the responsibility of 24/7/365 monitoring, management, and problem-solving for your IT systems and your network.

Some of the comprehensive benefits are:

  • Expanding your IT resources to a skilled and experienced staff using different technologies
  • Restructuring resources to focus on calculated initiatives
  • Becoming more business proactive

Reducing IT Costs

A Computing Technology Industry Association survey found that 46 percent of companies with managed IT services reduced their yearly IT costs by 25 percent or more. The survey also found that 13 percent of respondents cut their budget by more than 50 percent. This is captivating evidence that managed services, even when they are not implemented on a large scale, can deliver outstanding cost savings, releasing cash for other business needs.

Amplifying Business Benefits

Many businesses and organizations who are struggling with the swift changes of business requirements will sometimes struggle to retain the talent needed to face today’s common IT challenges. These businesses may look into managed IT services as a means to increase their IT effectiveness and efficiency. The beginning transition to the Managed Service Provider may be challenging, but after the initial transition, businesses and organizations will begin to perceive a major value by doing the following:

  • Increasing operational efficiency and scalability by having around-the-clock support
  • Reducing in-house costs
  • Expanding their IT vision and goals

To augment the benefits of an MSP, managed IT services should be viewed as any major IT project where transparent goals and objectives have been established. The first major step is to identify the major challenges your IT team is facing and assess all costs that are related to those challenges. When you take this step, you will have a better understanding of the costs vs. benefits of partnering with an IT managed services provider.

Improving IT Operations

One of the major reasons businesses move to managed services is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IT operations. It does not matter if your business has an IT professional on staff or an employee who is a technology expert, you are very likely frustrated and overwhelmed. Not only will some businesses have to field requests from coworkers to support the latest technological upgrades, but someone also has to be responsible for ensuring company data is secure and updated.

Businesses that shift the responsibilities to managed IT service providers will see significant improvements in their IT operations. Managed IT service providers are very skillful at executing daily tasks. MSPs can also improve the efficiencies of an operation because of their availability. Businesses no longer have to wait for the technology-savvy employee to arrive. With an MSP provider, IT responsibilities will no longer be a burden to your employees.

Allocating Your IT Resources

Employees who are entrusted with managing IT systems in addition to their main responsibilities will divert them from the key responsibilities that will impact the delivery of your core value concepts. Managed IT services will allow a business to allocate their IT resources more successfully, and this can translate to better value. Freeing up some of your employees will allow them to make adjustments when it comes to your strategies, and this will translate to employees who are more empowered and engaged.

Will It Be Worth It?

The end business results will differ depending on how complex your IT environment is, but there are key business benefits you can expect:

  • Improved cost-efficiency
  • Improved innovation
  • Reduction in the complexity of your IT operations
  • Up-to-date technology implementation

The anxiety or fear to move part of your IT operations to a third-party is understandable. Business leaders will have concerns about handing someone else control over their IT environment. Adding worth to your business is not only measured by the efficiency, but also the transparency. It is important for your business to partner with an MSP provider that understands your needs and can match what you have to offer.

Over 20 years of experience has allowed us to understand the key concerns businesses of all sizes might have. We offer IT services and support to businesses of all types, and we understand that transparency, response, and precision are keys to a long-lasting and successful partnership. One of our main objectives is to help you improve your overall business performance.

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