Using Co-Managed IT To Manage Your Technology

Having trouble managing your technology? Get help from co-managed IT services provided by tca SynerTech.

Get Help Managing Your Technology With Co-Managed IT Services

As technology becomes more complex, we’re able to build larger, more capable environments that allow us to operate more efficiently than ever before. But with those larger, more capable environments comes more challenges in terms of:

  • Safeguarding multiple points of entry
  • Configuring systems to work together cohesively
  • Supporting various types of software, hardware, and other equipment
  • Training staff members on how to use the technologies in place
  • And much, much more

Basically, it becomes a larger job to manage all of your technology. In the past, you likely used a few computers, a printer, and an email system. Well, that’s simply not the case now. Your technology support person or even your entire department may struggle to keep up. This means:

  • Your team members are waiting hours, or worse, days for support requests to be handled.
  • Your projects are taking longer than ever before, and in some cases, going way over budget.
  • Your technology support person or department often stays late, meaning you’re paying more over time.
  • Your systems are starting to function slower, and in some cases, even become infected with malware due to lack of maintenance
  • Your important initiatives are put on hold because they’re overloaded with day-to-day requirements.

Here’s the thing… This doesn’t mean your internal technology support person or department isn’t capable or doesn’t have the expertise to take care of you. Instead, it means they’re overwhelmed and they have too heavy of a workload. We’ve seen this happen quite often, even when the people involved are highly skilled and certified in various technologies.

Managing Your Technology With Co-Managed IT Services

Technology Is Simply Too Complex For a Few People To Manage

At the end of the day, technology is simply too complex for a few people to manage on their own. This is especially true if you’re growing at a rapid rate or bringing on new employees/clients in a short time-span. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to watch them struggle or hire even MORE people who will get overwhelmed alongside your existing people.

The thing is, you need an experienced team with processes, procedures, and overall, a strategy for making your technology work. One of the biggest misconceptions about technology support is this: there are only two options – internal or outsourced. This simply isn’t the case. Nowadays, you can opt for co-managed IT services instead.

What Are Co-Managed IT Services?

By now, you’ve probably already taken the steps that many business owners make: investing in more training, hiring more people, giving them overtime pay for extra hours… the list goes on and on. Co-managed IT services eliminate the need to keep trying different scenarios, and instead, you outsource part of the management of your technology to an experienced team of experts who already know what they’re doing.

The difference between hiring more people and outsourcing? Well, you pay a flat-rate monthly fee when you outsource, which means there’s no more overtime needed. Plus, they already have a sound strategy for taking care of technology. They don’t need to come in and attempt to reinvent the wheel or learn your systems. They’ve already been there and done that.

You essentially maximize the value of your current technology support person or team with the ability to:

  • Ensure support is available when you need it most as you have access to an entire team who won’t fall ill, go on vacation, etc.
  • Keep operational costs low because you’re paying an affordable flat-rate monthly fee for all of the services and support you need.
  • Access a range of services and/or support options that fit within your unique requirements and budget.
  • Keep your sensitive data safe with access to enterprise-grade tools, processes, and procedures.

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