Be Confident in your IT

With tca SynerTech your organization can have an entire team of IT professionals for less than the cost of a low-level employee. Our unique approach ensures you know your IT team by name. You will know who to call, not which company, but the name of a real person for everything IT-related.

Don’t risk expensive downtime or ransomware. With TCA, you can be confident in your cybersecurity, network, and technology. We understand the importance of IT to your organization. That’s why your team’s primary focus is keeping you operational.

We know Information Technology is at the heart of your organization. Just as you need a cardiologist rather than a general practitioner to ensure your heart is functioning correctly, IT requires specialized knowledge. A single IT person can cost a company upwards of $75,000 per year, but with TCA, you can have an entire team of well-rounded IT professionals for much less than the cost of a single IT “general practitioner.”

Our teams bring over 25 years of experience in many industries and a diversity of knowledge, complete with C-level leadership. Even small organizations can hire an experienced, turn-key IT department for less than the cost of a single low-level employee.

Large IT companies have call centers that service huge regions, which leads to anonymous service where you never know who will be helping your company.

Never settle for a company that treats you like a number or the limited knowledge of a single IT person. Call tca SynerTech today and let us show you the difference having an IT team you know by name can make.