Anti-Malware Solutions

Discover how to prevent malware attacks and avoid the untold damage and lost data they can cause.

Malware is any malicious software intentionally designed to cause damage, disrupt, or otherwise gain unauthorized access to a network, server, or computer. In today’s environment, malware is becoming a big business with sophisticated hackers or groups of hackers creating very advanced, nefarious software to extract money, steal information, or even make a political statement. 

Over the past decade, malware infections have increased by 87%. The U.S. has the highest rate of infection at 34% higher than any other country. Currently, 92% of all malware is delivered by email, while the additional 8% comes from malicious websites or a targeted attack. 

No matter the reason malware was created or how it found its way to your computer, the outcome is always the same; it’s never positive. 

We use industry-leading tools and techniques to keep you safe from all threats, including viruses, spyware, trojans, adware, and many other types of malicious software.

Your tca SynterTech team will keep you safe from malware by preventing it from reaching your computer in all the places you’re most vulnerable, like email and browsing the web. 

We have highlighted just a few examples of the many ways we help keep you safe from threats like malware. 

Email security

Since most malware comes from email, we take email security very seriously. We have powerful filters to catch potentially dangerous emails before they reach your inbox, as well as to filter out spam. 

  • Email Antivirus will scan all messages to help verify they’re free from known viruses. 
  • Attachment Defense helps keep you safe from known malware and malicious software that might be brand new, working to prevent you from becoming the first infection. 
  • URL Defense analyzes all links contained in an email and filters out the potentially malicious ones. 
  • Imposter Protection helps make sure you know who sent the email and filters out any spoofed emails. 

Web security

We provide your organization with a secure connection to the internet and actively filter out potentially dangerous websites. As a result, your employees are less likely to click a malicious link or inadvertently visit a bad site. 


We offer many layers of security; however, if malware does happen to find its way to your computer, our top-rated antivirus software will help find and eliminate many types of known and new malware.

Cybersecurity training

Cybercriminals are continually looking for new ways to breach your business’s IT security. Because good cybersecurity starts with you, your tca SynterTech IT team offers practical, jargon-free counsel to help your employees recognize and deal with these threats. We provide ongoing training specific to your organization to make sure your employees are safe from threats like malware.

Contact tca SynerTech today to learn more about these tools and the many other ways we can help keep you safe from malware.