An IT Department is Essential for Every Organization

No longer considered a luxury, a well-rounded IT department is essential to remaining operational for every organization, regardless of size. Today, a good IT department is needed to stay in business because all other functions rely heavily on secure information technology. Without that technology working correctly, an organization cannot function.

With hybrid work here to stay and cyberattacks the new normal, every organization needs to make IT a top priority to remain secure, connected, and productive.

Nearly half of all businesses fell victim to ransomware last year. And the cost of a successful cyberattack on small and medium-sized businesses reached $200,000, causing one-quarter of them to cease operations.

Cybersecurity has become paramount for the success and viability of all organizations, no matter their size. Today IT management is needed to keep systems secure, operational, and viable, which justifies the workload of an IT department, even for SMBs.

Good cybersecurity requires constant attention from experienced professionals to stay operational. An IT department is a specialized team that will manage the network, so potential vulnerabilities cannot be exploited. They also provide a human aspect to intervene and respond when a security event occurs. If a cybersecurity threat is identified, skilled professionals are needed to investigate and respond correctly to mitigate potential damage.

Given the necessity of an IT department created by the modern world, many organizations have only a few options for investing their IT budget. Often, the decision for SMBs is between hiring a single professional or a team of specialists. In today’s complex IT landscape, it’s not enough to have a single IT “general practitioner;” all businesses need a well-qualified team of experts.

We believe the diversity of expertise offered by a team of IT professionals is more significant than a single IT general practitioner. Therefore, we have made it our mission to provide every organization, not just large companies, an IT department you know by name whose focus is security and empowering your organization to succeed.

Contact tca SynerTech and let us show you how to drastically increase the strength of your team for much less than a single IT person.